Dive into Water/Ways at the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum June 2 – July 15

Dive into the Smithsonian Water/Ways exhibit at the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum June 2 – July 15

Burros Loaded With Water Bags
Used with Permission, Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum
Frank Brophy (born in Bisbee in 1894) describes his uncle’s water-delivery service: “The main Transport in Bisbee when I was a very little boy were burros and that was a common sight. Some of the burros had canvas sacks slung over on each side. My uncle started the first water company, which later became the Bisbee-Naco Water Company. He had a well up in Tombstone Canyon so the water was then transported by burros in water sacks. In those days, it was when John D. Rockefeller was beginning his fortune. His name was synonymous with the five-gallon oil can and every house had two to three five-gallon oil cans. The water was taken from the burros and put into these cans and people used it as they needed it.” (Used with permission Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum)
Located 92 miles southeast of Tucson, Bisbee is the county seat of Cochise County. The San Pedro River flows west of this rural town that is twelve miles from the U.S-Mexico border.
A few upcoming programs: Water Conservation Through Xeriscaping (June 9), How Bisbee’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Works to Secure our Water Future (June 12), Bisbee’s Long “Bromance” with Water (June 19), Water Reclamation Meets Bisbee’s Copper Mining History (June 26), Water Conservation for Kids (June 13, 20), and more!
June 2 – July 15
5 Copper Queen Plz, Bisbee, AZ 85603
Open Daily 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
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