Explore Bisbee’s Water/Ways programs

“OK, we’re a mining and history museum, so what’s all this about water?”

In Bisbee and throughout Arizona, the answer is that everything is about water! The Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum will host the Water/Ways exhibit from June 2 through July 15, 2018. Water/Ways is traveling to 12 rural Arizona communities through March 2020 as part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum on Main Street program. In Bisbee, local exhibits and programming will explore the cultural and environmental impact of water from the town’s origins as a lucrative mining center to its current status as a state leader in water quality and conservation efforts. Read the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum’s latest newsletter to find out more about the stories, activities, speakers and exhibits that will bring Bisbee’s water story to life!

Click here to read the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum newsletter.

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