Protecting sensitive ecosystems, sustainable water supplies, and the health of our precious water resources

Conservation, Management and Research Organizations

Teaching children and adults about water systems, water infrastructure, and wise water use

Water Awareness and Education

Educating the next generation of Arizona water users

Water Curriculum

Local & Regional
City of Flagstaff—Educational Resources

The city’s website lists curriculum and educational materials useful for teaching water science and water conservation. The page also lists links to professional development programs for teachers interested in teaching water and water conservation.

City of Glendale—Educational Resources on Water Conservation for Youth

The city collects links and curriculum resources for teachers working with students (K-12) on water conservation.

Oak Creek Canyon Watershed—Watershed Education Curriculum

The Oak Creek Canyon Watershed Council publishes a curriculum for seventh and eighth grade students that is aligned with the Arizona State Science Standards. It teaches water science, water quality, and water issues, and concludes with a project on conservation. The curriculum includes a field trip to Slide Rock State Park and is appropriate for schools with proximity to the canyon.